Tutorial: How to do daisy nails

By Kim Perry

With summer approaching learn how to do your very own daisy print nails by watching our quick and easy tutorial below:

Remember to file and buff your nails before painting and apply a top coat so there is no chipping.


The final result will look like this:


The Nail Equipment used:


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“Sun beds caused me to lose my ear.”

by Kim Perry

(photo source: the skin clinic)

sunbedFrom the age of 18, Katherine Simpson had been using sun beds on a regular basis, often every week. But little did she know her need to have sun-kissed skin was causing severe and long term damage.

Now at the age of just 26, Katherine has been through four operations to remove moles that have turned cancerous from the use of sunbeds. One operation even involving the removal of her left ear.

“I always thought my pale skin made me look ill so I thought going on the sun beds gave me a healthy glow.”

“I would only go on for about 3 minutes at a time then build it up to six. It was never an excessive amount of time, but still enough to do damage.”

Two years after beginning her regular sun beds trips, Katherine noticed a mole on her chest had grown and become lighter. Although on holiday in Lanzarote at the time, she took a trip straight to the doctors to get it checked. It was then that she was diagnosed with melanoma, a type of skin cancer.

“I was told the mole on my chest had turned cancerous, along with a mole on my ear which i hadn’t noticed.”

“The holiday was ruined. We had to come straight home so that the moles could be removed before the skin cancer spread.”

“When the doctors told me I would have to have the majority of my ear removed I was devastated and annoyed with myself for not taking the dangers serious enough.”


Describing the process as ‘the biggest scare of her life’, Katherine thought the nightmare was over after the removal of two moles but it was less than a year later that she found another mole on her thigh with an irregular shape.

“I remember crying because I knew exactly what was coming when I went to the doctors.”

Even though she had stopped using sun beds, the damage had already been done and the melanoma had spread.

Over two years Katherine had been through four cancer scares and numerous skin grafts, and to this day she still endures other cancer scares.

“I’m always worrying that it may have come back or spread somewhere more serious. One thing for definite, i would definitely advise anyone against them.”


‘Katherine googling melanoma’


  • If you notice any changes in your mole or freckle, contact your GP ASAP
  • Always be aware of the consequences of sun beds
  • Try a professional spray tan instead – they can look just as good without the risks!
  • ALWAYS use sun tan lotion in the sun to protect your skin.

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Your Guide To Holiday Hair

Relaxing on remote beach

      Picture: thomas cook holiday

By Kim Perry

The unfamiliar blazing heat and humidity in the air often causes chaos with your hair.  After just a few days in the holiday sun you can be left with hair that feels completely dried out, frizzy and frazzled.

Professional hair stylist Hayley Brice at ‘The Cutting Shop’ in the West Midlands has the solutions to all your problems, sharing her secrets on how to keep your hair looking perfect this summer.


“Even if it’s the very ends.” Says Hayley, “Split ends are usually the easy targets for sun damage, so it’s always best to get rid of them before you go.”

We suggest – Book your appointment the week before, this way your hair will be freshly cut and has enough time to ‘settle’.


“Even though its not always appropriate, covering your hair will protect it from sun damage.” says Hayley.

We suggest – Get yourself a straw hat, perfect for holiday heat and they look great!


… and we don’t mean wet. “Leave in conditioners are a must for hair thats exposed to a lot of sun, you need to keep as much moisture in your hair as possible.”

We suggest – Use it before you go so your hair is already in the best condition.


“Plaiting your hair leaves it from going astray, and its ideal for when your in the pool.”

We suggest – The side plait and fishtail are key styles this summer, and keep the heat off your back.


According to Hayley, It’s not just the sun that can dry out your hair. “Salt from sea water and chlorine from pools are just as bad as drying out hair, just quickly rinse it out to give your hair that little bit extra protection.”

We suggest – A quick rinse under those beach showers will save you running back to your room.

Our top hair picks for your suitcase…


Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance, leave in conditioner, £4.49, Superdrug.

Perfect for locking in that moisture!


Fudge Urban Sea Salt Spray, £6.99, Superdrug.

This spray is ideal for turning damp hair to perfect beach waves.


L’Oreal Anti Frizz Serum, £5.99, Superdrug.

A must have for hair thats prone to frizzing in the humidity.

(photo source: superdrug.co.uk)

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Style Icons: Kristen Stewart

By Kim Perry

Despite all the recent controversy surrounding Kristen Stewart, one thing that can’t be argued is that she is easily one of the best dressed women to hit the hollywood scene. Well, actually, the best according to the latest poll in Glamour magazine.



(Photo source: MTV.com)

Back in 2008, K-Stew hit the big screen as ‘Bella Swan’ in the all famous ‘Twilight Saga’. And although her Twilight wardrobe was some what of a disaster, off screen she wowed people around the world with her unusual style.

Breaking the mould at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, Kristen turned up on the red carpet wearing a beautiful Yigal Azrouel dress teamed with her scruffy converse. Now she is renowned for swapping the killer heels for something a little more comfortable, and being able to pull it off.

Even off the red carpet, she is admired for her care free image. Usually papped in a plain t-shirt tied in a knot, skinny jeans and the ever famous converse, she still manages to look effortlessly stylish.

Kristen Stewart Heads to the Studio


(Photo source: justjared.com)

Although not particularly known as one for floor length ball gowns, when it comes down to it the girl sure knows how to pull one off. Gowns and catsuits. And why wouldn’t you wear a catsuit if you had those legs?

Showing that you don’t need to smother yourself in fake tan, have dramatic hairstyles and tons of make up to look glamourous, Kristen Stewart well deserves the title of a style icon.



(Photo source: Glamourmagazine.co.uk)

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“My boyfriend hit me… but I won’t go to the police.”

Vanessa Heaven

By Kim Perry

At just 20 years old student Vanessa had already endured the horror of an abusive 2 year relationship. But after finally leaving her boyfriend, Vanessa says she won’t go the police because she doesn’t want him to have a criminal record.

“I know it sounds stupid but going to the police wasn’t going to change anything and I felt sorry for him, stupidly.”

Vanessa, now 21, was with boyfriend Oliver (not his real name) for just over 2 and a half years. Describing the start of the relationship as “very happy” she says the pair of them got   along really well. Yet, it was just 6 months into the relationship that Oliver started to show signs of controlling and jealous behaviour.

“He started to check my texts and Facebook messages. If I ever spoke to a lad he would get really angry and start pushing and shoving. Even if I mentioned going out with friends he would get annoyed, thats how most of the arguments started.”

But his ‘minor’ controlling ways soon got worse. Vanessa was no longer allowed to talk to male friends, and any that she did had to have his approval.

Recalling an event that had happened around 8 months into the relationship, Vanessa says that an argument broke out because a friend asked her to go out. Oliver had seen the message and started to get angry at the thought of her going out without him. He pushed her off the sofa saying she couldn’t go. When she told him to leave, his anger grew and he shoved her against a wall shouting in her face.

“It seemed out of nowhere, it was the first time he had really got aggressive with me. I remember being so shocked and upset. When he calmed down he cried and wouldn’t stop apologising and thats why I didn’t tell anyone, I didn’t want anybody to hate him.”

Vanessa says after that incident things seemed to go back to normal for a couple of months. But it wasn’t too long before Oliver showed his true colours and was back to his possessive and aggressive self.

The couple were back to bickering and arguing regularly and Vanessa suffered months of abuse in silence.

“So many things happened. He lost his temper and kicked me in a club to the ground, he sprained my wrist after grabbing me so forcefully, he hit me round the face with a shopping bag, he left bruises on my arm in the shape of his hands and he head butted me because he thought I was drinking too much. All of this would be over nothing, just because he would lose his temper.”

But Vanessa chose to stay with him, saying he was always apologetic and nice to her after  he hit her.

Vanessa It was only after an incident at a friends 21st birthday that Vanessa realised things had already gone too far.

“We were in the club and I stepped outside to cool down for a bit. I was gone for 5 minutes when Oliver found me and started accusing me of going missing for an hour. He was shouting and was so mad he threw his drink all over me.”

She walked away to dry herself off in the toilets and when she came out she saw Oliver had been waiting for her. He pinned her against the wall demanding her to tell him where she had been. After repeating she was just cooling down, Oliver headbutted her, causing Vanessa’s face to instantly swell.

“I was devastated, in pain and frightened. I felt humiliated that all my friends now knew what he was really like.”

Oliver was quickly chucked out of the club but not before shouting that this time he wasn’t sorry, that it was Vanessa’s own fault and that he didn’t regret it.

Even though she received numerous texts and calls off him, Vanessa finally ended the relationship and asked him to leave her alone for good.

“My friends and family practically begged me to leave him. My parents were furious, they wanted to get him back for what he did to me, but I asked them not to. I didn’t want things to backfire and for my family to get into trouble.”

Still to this day Vanessa says she gets texts and calls from Oliver. He has even turned up at her home, refusing to leave until she talked to him.

“The abuse wasn’t always just physical, a lot of it was mental too. My advice to anyone in the same situation is get out as soon as you can, take notice of the early warning signs. He is never going to change. If it happens once, it will happen again.”

Listen to Vanessa here…

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This week we’re wearing… Ankle Socks!

By Kim Perry

Do you remember those cute little lace trim socks you wore when you were at school? The ones you had to fold over so they sat nicely on your ankle? Well, they’re back!

Thats right, Spring 2013 has seen the return of the ankle sock, a cute little accessory ready and waiting to transform any of your key looks.

The thing I love about ankle socks is that they are perfect for day or night, and really add something a little bit quirky to what can be, a rather plain outfit.

Wear them with brogues, mary janes, or heels, they’ll go with anything that requires a little of bit of ankle.

They are available at most high street stores, Topshop having the biggest (and best) selection. Go grab some now!


(photo source: asos.com socks: £4)

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