14th May 2013

How to create the perfect bun

All content by Steph Hodgkinson

Create this sophisticated up ‘do whether you’re hitting the town or simply wanting to try something different. Follow Polka Dots & Potions’ step-by-step guide to creating the perfect bun…

For this you will need:

  1. Hair doughnut
  2. Lots of hair grips
  3. Hair elastics

Step 1


  • Gather your hair into a ponytail – position this as high or low as you would like the bun to go.

Step 2SAM_2925

  • Next, slide the ponytail through the hair doughnut.

Step 3


  • Fan all the hair outwards around the doughnut to cover it up.

Step 4


  • Your hair will now be gathered around the doughnut and look like this.

Step 5


  • Secure the doughnut in place with 2 hair elastics.

Step 6


  • Finally, secure loose strands of hair in place around the bun with hair grips. Voilà, you’ve created a bun!

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Your Guide To Holiday Hair

By Kim Perry

Relaxing on remote beach

Picture: thomas cook holiday

The unfamiliar blazing heat and humidity in the air often causes chaos with your hair.  After just a few days in the holiday sun you can be left with hair that feels completely dried out, frizzy and frazzled.

Professional hair stylist Hayley Brice at ‘The Cutting Shop’ in the West Midlands has the solutions to all your problems, sharing her secrets on how to keep your hair looking perfect this summer.


“Even if it’s the very ends.” Says Hayley, “Split ends are usually the easy targets for sun damage, so it’s always best to get rid of them before you go.”

We suggest – Book your appointment the week before, this way your hair will be freshly cut and has enough time to ‘settle’.


“Even though its not always appropriate, covering your hair will protect it from sun damage.” says Hayley.

We suggest – Get yourself a straw hat, perfect for holiday heat and they look great!


… and we don’t mean wet. “Leave in conditioners are a must for hair thats exposed to a lot of sun, you need to keep as much moisture in your hair as possible.”

We suggest – Use it before you go so your hair is already in the best condition.


“Plaiting your hair leaves it from going astray, and its ideal for when your in the pool.”

We suggest – The side plait and fishtail are key styles this summer, and keep the heat off your back.


According to Hayley, It’s not just the sun that can dry out your hair. “Salt from sea water and chlorine from pools are just as bad as drying out hair, just quickly rinse it out to give your hair that little bit extra protection.”

We suggest – A quick rinse under those beach showers will save you running back to your room.

Our top hair picks for your suitcase…


Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance, leave in conditioner, £4.49, Superdrug.

Perfect for locking in that moisture!


Fudge Urban Sea Salt Spray, £6.99, Superdrug.

This spray is ideal for turning damp hair to perfect beach waves.


L’Oreal Anti Frizz Serum, £5.99, Superdrug.

A must have for hair that’s prone to frizzing in the humidity.

April 10th 2013

New Trending Hairstyle Called Box Braids

by Chenge Dziya

If you’re in the UK, you will remember Cleopatra the song with three teenage girls bouncing up and down on beds with that really big hair. If you’re in the US and you remember Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice and So-So Def. rapper DaBrat who really paved the way in terms of style and colouring. Then you will have seen loved and at some point had box braids.

Janet in Poetic Justice
Music - Cleopatra Feature

Box Braids are exactly that, they are big chunky braids worn usually by black women. The ‘box’ comes from the way the hair is sectioned at the scalp. The chunkiness is achieved by adding hair extensions.

American singer Brandy Norwood and other African American celebrities ‘rocked’ the hair during the 90’s

And like all trends Box Braids are back!

Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles seemed to be the first to bring them back three years ago. And although she had them three years ago, she had already managed to influence other black females to go back to the look.

Hairdresser Lucia Nzanza has been flooded with requests for this style. Lately almost all African and Caribbean girls want box braids. She says that “although i loves braiding and weaving hair, box braids are my least favourite because of the labour involved.”

she also said that ” I always like my customers to look good, so i do take my time when weaving the hair”.

My sister got them in June 2012 and rocked them through the summer

Nomusa(My Sister)
Nomusa(My Sister)

I got mine in January and kept them for 3 months and the one thing you should know about box braids is that they are really heavy!

My box Braids
My box Braids

They are amazing to look at, really stylish and classy, really afro-centric.

But beware the maintenance involved, making sure your scalp is never dry, washing them at least once a month and taking care not to tie them too tight.

Getting them done in itself is a feat. I sat for 6 hours, including the time it takes to sort the hair extensions, stressing and combing them so that the ends appear more natural.

Beyonce, Cuba April 2013
Beyonce, Cuba April 2013

They are likely to be a big hit this summer as singer Beyoncé was spotted recently on holiday in Cuba wearing this look.

Depending on where you go to get them done they can cost anywhere from £80 to £200.

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