Steph Hodgkinson
Hey I’m Steph and I’m 21. I’ve always loved feature writing, whether it’s travel, food reviews, music, films or fashion. I’ve experimented with blogging before, writing film and music reviews.SAM_2306

In my spare time I can be usually found at a gig or shopping. Totally obsessed with music, there isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not listening to songs!

I have a passion for photography. I also enjoy watching films, swimming and zumba. I currently work part-time as a customer assistant at Tesco.

My style: I’d say my style is quite varied. I like to mix it up between an alternative style with band tshirts and shorts which reflects my passion for rock music, but there’s also the girly side of me who loves leopard print, pretty blouses, lace, and, of course, polka dots! My favourite shops are Select, Internacionale and H&M. I also love!

On a night out: I love dressing up so either a dress with a bit of sparkle, shorts with a sheer top or an animal print skirt and Peter Pan-collar top.

Favourite items: Leopard print skater skirt or my black lace dress.

Most worn: My trusty red high-waisted shorts

Style icon: Katy Perry. She’s naturally beautiful and always wears clothes which are tailored to her curves. She’s not afraid to be daring and fun with her choice of outfits, whether it’s cupcake bikinis or cherry print dresses!


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