leigh I’m Leigh, a 22 year old punk rock addict inspired by alternative fashion and tattoos. I would love to pursue a career in writing features about my great loves, music and style.

I also adore spicy food, getting tattooed and discovering new music. You will more than likely find me in Sheffield’s very own Corporation, watching live shows or partying on a Friday night.

I currently write for Dogmatized, an online blog about looking after your pooch and have just taken experience in writing for LibertyBelle, a local Sheffield webzine about fashion and beauty.

My Style: I have quite an alternative dress sense and I adore band t-shirts, leggings and singlets. I love hats and adore wearing cute dresses that show off my tattoos. I’m obsessed with anything leather or covered in spikes.

On a Night Out: I’m usually teaming a pretty dress with my favourite combat boots and will only wear heels if I’m out somewhere other than Corporation. I also love playing up my eyes or wearing obnoxiously bright lipstick.

Most Worn Item: My beautiful Lord of the Rings leggings from Black Milk, my leather jacket and my many singlets. I’m obsessed with them!

Favourite Items: My leather look leggings that go with absolutely everything and my gold sequinned dress from Ark.

Style Icon: I’m inspired by lots of ladies in rock music, so my style icons include Taylor Momsen, Hayley Williams and Maria Brink.



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