Kim Perry


I’m Kim, a 21 year old brummie who is addicted to shopping.

I’ve always enjoyed feature writing and am hoping to go into this in the future. I have been writing reviews and articles for various websites over the past couple of years and am currently writing music reviews for popfodder.

My style: I love peter pan collars, Mary Jane shoes & prints. Anything but plain goes! Skinny jeans are an essential and are something I wear almost every day. My favourite shops are Topshop, ASOS and Urban Outfitters.

On a night out:
 I like clothes that are flattering but not too revealing! Long sleeves and high necks can look just as good whilst adding a bit of class.

Most worn item:
 Black skinnies, easy to wear and they go with everything!

Favourite items:
 A pair of black Mary Jane doll shoes that look like a pair I had when I was about three.

My style icon:
 I love how Fearne Cotton dresses, if I could have anyone’s wardrobe I think it would be hers!

Favourite hair/beauty product: 
Aussie lushiously long leave in conditioner! I’ve been using it for months and it made my hair grow so quickly.


7 thoughts on “Kim

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