Chenge Dziya

Chenge Dziya

Hello my full name is Chengetai Dziya im 23, Im currently studying my final year of university at Sheffield Hallam.

I work part time and also work at my Church helping out with the Technical department.

I love to cook and DANCE. I like Cars and enjoy watching cooking Shows.

My style: I cant really say, but i really do love colours, big bold colours seem to be my faveourite

On a night out:
Its grown and sexy all the way, usually a dress(i have hundreds) or a skirt. i love dressing to impress! the heels are the crucial component.

Most worn item: Timberland Knee-High boots. ive had them for 3 years and every winter they are a wardrobe essential. Also a bargin buy, i bought them for £130 down from £180.

Favourite items: My knitwear, i have quite a few pieces in different colours and styles

My style icon: Solange Knowles (Beyonces little sister) She’s unorthodox in every way shes eclectic, shes unique and she really creates her own style. her hair and her outfits always come together almost effortlessly.

Beauty product: Benefit Porefessional Primer (£23.20 Boots)

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