I’m Bethany Rose de Thierry I’m a 20 year old student originally from the Midlands but currently living in Sheffield studying Journalism. I’m a celebrity obsessed, lip-gloss hoarding, self confessed shopaholic.
My style: Skinny jeans or black disco pants usually teamed with a blouse and blazer. I also have a lot of t-shirts that I wear with a black leather jacket for more casual look.

On a night out: Bodycon dress, a pair of six inch heels, hair extensions, false eyelashes and a clutch bag.

Favourite shops: Misguided is perfect for party dresses. I also love River Island and Topshop. New Look is also great for a bargain and they have an amazing shoe collection.

Most worn item: I think most girls would agree that a good pair of jeans is a necessity. I don’t mind spending a little bit more money on jeans as I practically live in mine

Favourite items: I love my beige Topshop blazer. It’s simple but classy. It’s very versatile as I can wear it in the day with a pair of jeans and heeled boots or with a black bodycon dress of a night time

My style icon: Kim Kardashian always looks stunning. I love how immaculate and polished she is. She has such a glamorous and girly look that I absolutely love. Rihanna is another one of my style idols she always looks incredible and can pull of the craziest outfit’s.

Favourite hair/beauty product: Clinique foundation and Revlon lip gloss.


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