Annabel Boys; ‘Abseil raised £1,300 for Verity to help PCOS sufferers.’

by Railah Iqbal

Annabel Boys abseiled down a 400-foot tower to raise over £1,000 for Verity, a charity helping 6,000 Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome sufferers every year.

courtesy of Annabel Boys

courtesy of Annabel Boys

Annabel, Health Coach, said; “I saw the abseil in a newspaper. At the time my sister had a list of things she wanted to do before she turned 30 so I recommended this to her.”

As Annabel was struggling to commit herself to the challenge, she made it into a ‘public’ statement and decided to turn it into a fundraising event. “I realised that it was a mental challenge above all and I felt Verity deserved the money because their work is very important to women suffering with PCOS.”

At 25 years olf, Annabel was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. She was advised that she would have fertility problems but she no idea of the sorts of health problems attached to the condition. At the time, there not much available in terms of advice for PCOS sufferers.  Annabel said; “After several years of fertility treatments we were very lucky to conceive after our first round of IVF about 10 years ago, sadly my marriage didn’t survive the stress of the treatments and  my husband left shortly before my daughter was born.”

Verity website- screen shot

Verity website- screen shot

She added; “Verity provides vital information and support for women with PCOS. I just wish they had been around when I was first diagnosed with it because it could have made all the difference. At the time I had no idea that my diet and lifestyle was affecting my hormonal health and I had no idea there were alternatives to the fertility drugs.”

Unlock My Health website- screen shot

Unlock My Health website- screen shot

With a background in health and a PhD in psychology, Annabel is looking to focus her health coaching practice on  helping women with PCOS  to examine their diet and health choices.
Annabel explains; “I feel so strongly that young women in particular should have access to advice and support about all the options available to them. Small changes to diet and lifestyle can massively improve PCOS symptoms which could mean that less opt for the route of medication.”

To hear more from Annabel , check out her page

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