Mrs Carter World Tour

The queen of R’n’B, the creator of  bootilicous and the definition of fabulous. Who else could I be talking about but the one and only Beyonce! I had the privilege of attending the highly anticipated Ms Carter world tour and she did not disappoint. In fact she exceeded all my expectations.

Beyonce burst on to stage with the powerful Run The World, showing off her enviable curves in a stunning white leotard and some serious shoulder shaking, Bey gave her fans a taste of what was to come two hour spectacular.

Imagebey bey 2queen b 3

Beyonce crammed in booty shaking classics such as Crazy in Love and Single Ladies, she performed 1+1 and Miss You from her recent album 4 and even an iconic Destiny’s Child track. Beyonce also sang an emotional version of Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You which left everyone in the audience teary eyed.

One of my favorite performances from Bey was Grown Woman. The song began with a montage of gorgeous videos of the singing. The bright outfits and African inspired dance routines sent the crowd wild.


Beyonce Knowles performance was nothing short of incredible and she has truly raised the bar making it almost impossible for any other musician to compete. She show was packed with beautiful video footage, an array of stunning outfits, impeccable dance moves and a heavy theme of female empowerment throughout the show. This is my third time seeing Beyonce live and one thing that still astounds me is how she has the stamina to dance and sing live and how never compensates one for the other. What also never fails to surprise me is how Beyonce can be so sexy yet so classy. One thing I think performers of today lack is professionalism, Beyonce is a true perfectionist and you can see that every dance routine and lyric and been practiced a million times. She is a true professional and has an incredible energy that is fully received by her fans.

The highs : Every second of the show was thrilling and high energy. Glitz, glam and a serious amount of hair flicking. Perfect night out!

The lows : I honestly couldn’t fault Beyonce’s performance. Flawless

Rating : 10/10

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