Stiletto Nails

by Bethany de Thierry

A simple French manicure is now a thing past as Stiletto nails are the new beauty craze of 2013. To achieve this off the wall look, the nails have to be outrageously long, razor sharp and graduate in to a point. This bizarre and animalistic trend is really taking off.

The talons have been sported by some of the biggest names in Showbiz. Pop star and fashion icon Rihanna was one of the first celebs seen with this dagger like design. Lana Del Ray, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga are also some of the A-listers caught rocking these spiky and almost weapon like nails.

Below : Rihanna rocking red claws.


I couldn’t resist trying out the latest celebrity obsession so thought I’d try out the one of the latest nail trends for myself.  I instantly fell in love with my dramatic acrylic claws.

However as you can see, these towering talons are far from practical. Completing everyday tasks such as typing on my keyboard, cooking my dinner and getting myself dressed in the morning all became a very difficult and long winded process. At the time I was working in a nightclub and by the end of my shift I had lost two of my claws. The stiletto nails are impractical but I still think they’re an amazing look and I love the uniqueness of them.

My friends and family were certainly not a fan of my wacky nails; one of them even went to the extreme of saying that my hands resembled those of Tim Burton’s uncanny fictional character Edward Scissor hands!


I tried a splash of fruity tangerine…..


And a shade of pink and sparkle!

I spoke to Lawrun Kennel a nail technician who works in Divine Nails in Birmingham. The 23 year old beautician tells me how the wacky style is hitting the high street and what she thinks of this controversial look.

What style of nails do girls usually ask you for?

I’ ve been working in the salon for 4 years and I usually do a French manicure or just acrylics with a block colour. But over the last 6

Imagemonths I’ ve had so many girls asking for claws – it’s crazy.

When did you first hear about the nails?
We have a nail book in the salon; which is where I saw the trend. When I first saw them I thought they were absolutely vile and that they would never take off! But I have to say I actually love them now.

Have your customers been happy with the results?

I’ ve had so many girls ask for the nails. Some have them ridiculously long and some have them a bit shorter so they’re more practical. Usually the girls that go for the long ones do come back a week later because they’ve lost a nail! I had one girl who works in a restaurant and she said she lost one of her claws in the food!

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of having stiletto nails?

I think they look amazing. The only advice I have is if you are going on holiday or are in a job where you don’t do a lot then they’re perfect. Just be aware that they can break and if you do break a nail then it will cost a little bit extra to have the acrylics repaired.

This eccentric style is not for everyone but without a doubt this trend is sweeping the streets. The question is, are you brave enough to possess a pair of daring daggers?

To the right : Lawrun beautician and converted claw lover

Bethany de Thierry


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