Halo hair Extensions

by Bethany de Thierry

I am a total girly girl I love everything to do with makeup, fashion and most importantly hair. From the age of 13 I have been wearing hair extensions. I remember when I first turned thirteen I had the hair cut from hell and ended up with a ridiculously short mess. It was safe to say my hair was well and truly butchered and it was at that point that I opted for my first set of hair extensions.  From that day forward I admit I became addicted to hair extensions. At nearly 21 years of age I still wear my 18 inch locks.


I’ve tried clip on extensions, full head weaves; you name it I’ve had it. It was only last year the constant use of hair extensions began to take their toll on my real tresses. My hair began looking dry and dishevelled and in the famous words of Cheryl Cole, weak limp and lifeless.

Worst of all I began to notice my hair was seriously thinning, any girl would understand that the thought of going bald at 20 is extremely distressing. Just before Christmas of 2012 I went to have my hair weave redone which consists of tight plaits through the real hair and then fake hair is sewn into the plaits. The weave originated from African American women but now weaves are popular amongst inner cities and towns in the UK and other countries


My hair dresser at the time, told me to give my hair a break and to stop wearing hair extensions for a few months. It would have been a sensible idea to take her advice but if there’s any girls reading this who regularly wears extensions then they will fully understand the mini panic attack I had when being told that my long luscious locks were a thing of the past and that I would have to make do with my boring shoulder length hair. It was safe to say I wasn’t very happy. The last 7 years  I’ve been used to having long luxurious hair and it has become part of me.

It sounds silly and shallow but without them I felt vile!

I knew I couldn’t continue to damage my hair by using clip in extensions or hair weaves so I began scanning the internet for a new way to have long hair but without the damage.

I came across a website called Halo Hair the website specialisies in hair care. The site has recently introduced a brand new product called The Halo. The product professes to be a “simple and quick” way to apply hair extensions. The halo is worn by being placed on to your head and then you pull your original hair through the ‘miracle wire’. It really is as simple as that.




  • The halo comes in a range of different colours so is easy to find the perfect colour to suit you.
  • The halo is around £90 depending on what length you choose.
  • It is easy, efficient and quick to use.

The Highs : The Halo hair is super easy and super quick wear. The hair is 100% real remy hair and a good quality. It doesn’t damage your hair like other extensions which for me was a huge selling point

The lows: The extensions don’t feel fully secure unlike a hair weave, and when I first started wearing them it often felt like they were going to fall off.

Ratings: 9/10

Bethany de Thierry


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