This week we’re listening to…The Saturdays

by Railah Iqbal

the-sats-american-flag-600x375(Press shot)

UK’s home-grown girl band; The Saturday’s recent single “What About Us” with Sean Paul has topped Radio 1’s chart this week.

Their latest comeback after being off the music scene for nearly a year was an explosion all the over the current music scene.

Ironically, earlier this week our much-loved British girl-band; Girls Aloud, who had been dominating the British music scene for 11 years, have officially claimed that they are splitting up.

However The Saturdays have proven to be stronger than ever as they worked very hard and spent most of last year producing their new album ‘The Chase,’ due to release by this summer. Despite Rochelle getting married (to Marvin from JLS), Frankie suffering from depression and Una having a baby last year.

As well as working on their music, the Saturdays completed their first reality TV show; ‘Chasing the Saturdays’ which shows Mollie, Frankie, Una, Vanessa and Rochelle’s quest to conquer America’s music scene and aim for global domination.

You can catch the girls’ reality show on E! Entertainment at 8pm tonight!

If you have not yet had a listen to their latest single, here it is for you all to enjoy!

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