This week we’re listening to…Peace


Press Shot

By Lucy Howell

If you haven’t heard of Peace by now- where have you been for the last few months?

The Brummie quartet are evens-on to be the indie soundtrack of the summer.

Their feel-good, twisted love songs will get you throwing involuntary shapes out there on the dance floor and humming their infectious beats for days-on-end.

They’re also on the NME wagon, having played the Awards Tour alongside Django Django, Miles Kane and Palma Violets; so they’re bound to be shoved in your face whether you like it or not.

The debut album ‘In Love’ is set for release on March 25th. They’ve bagged themselves a great producer, Jim Abiss, who has worked with the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Florence + the Machine and Adele. The first single released from the album is a re-recorded version of ‘Follow Baby’, which was out yesterday.

The band has just embarked on an extensive tour. If you manage to get tickets for a show, it’s best to take some shades with you because sequins, garish patterns and offensively loud shirts are on the cards.

The album is available to stream online for a short time here.

Check out the official (and very naughty) video for ‘Wraith’:

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