"Online dating profile helped me pull 25 women!"

Sheffield Hallam student ‘Charlie’ has admitted to signing up to online dating sites with alternative motives.The 21 year old from Wakefield says he has no particular interest in finding a date, but actually uses the online dating world to arrange one night stands.
“I use it to try and pull desperate women. My profile says i’m desperate so I assume every girl I speak to on there must be too.”

The student, who would prefer to be known as ‘Charlie’, joined the dating site ‘Plenty of fish’ a year ago. Since then he proudly admits to ‘successfully’ sleeping with a high number of women.
I basically read their profile, take something from it and use it for banter. I generally get a reply that way, then you have got to take it from there.”
But it isn’t always as easy as it seems.
“I do get ignored quite a lot. Some of the girls with no sense of humour just don’t reply. Out of every ten messages I send, one will reply, if that. So I have to message a lot of girls to make sure I get a response.”
Over the year of being active on the site, Charlie says he has learnt which girls to message and which to avoid, by just looking at their pictures.
“I wouldn’t message birds that I think are too out my league, some women are only on there to get a self esteem boost.”
Pictures give a lot away, I don’t really bother with the ones that are too provocative, they’re probably the most insecure women on there. I tend to message the more approachable women, and then you can just use them.”

He freely admits that what he does could be seen as offensive and disrespectful, especially to women. But when asked if he ever feels bad about his behaviour he said:
“To some extent. I don’t want to hurt anyones feelings, but at the same time I’m only after one thing. I make sure they know what they’re getting into.”
“The thing is women are sly about it. Half of them aren’t actually in it for a relationship. If they were, they wouldn’t be on the website dressed like they are. They shouldn’t get offended if they’re putting it out there.”

But the burning question of all is how does he do it?
“Negging sometimes works. But I generally go for the funny approach, as my dad always said, make a girl laugh and your half way in her knickers.”

‘Negging’ is a technique used mainly by men, where they give a back handed compliment in the hope of impressing girls.

Charlie describes himself as a ‘pretty confident guy’ and says he is not the type that will only talk to women on the internet.
“I do approach women on nights out, but I am constantly rejected. Theres an ease to doing it online, I can sit at home in my pyjamas and chat some birds up. It’s just another arena I can use to pull.”
Although he hasn’t yet encountered any sexual health problems, self titled ‘health conscious’ Charlie admits that he doesn’t always use protection.
“I always have STI tests, you have to make sure you’re ok.”

He also address the other issue of not being safe. “If someone told me they were pregnant, I would be devastated. I would definitely be more careful… but it wouldn’t make me stop.”
People are often shocked to hear that the third year student uses online dating sites, especially for one night stands. But after his ‘success’, many of his friends who originally gave him some stick, have now joined the website with the same motives.
But is it really worth all the effort?
“To be honest, I dont know… but I’ll carry on as long as I’m single.”

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